International Home Loan …… for Thai People Living Abroad

            The Government Housing Bank has now opened opportunity for Thai people who work abroad to own a house or a property in Thailand in responding to the need of this group of people seeking to have property for their own and for their family.

            International Home Loan Project for Thai People Living Abroad has taken place under the cooperation between the Government Housing Bank and Sun Assets Co., Ltd., with the objective to provide housing finance to secure Thailand properties. The project provides flexible loan conditions to assist Thai people working abroad to have loan as their source of capital in order to secure their own property in Thailand. The Government Housing Bank signed the Memorandum of Understanding regarding to this project with Sun Assets Co., Ltd. on 20 September 2005 and appointed Sun Assets Co., Ltd. as the exclusive representative of the Bank in proceeding all loan processes for people living overseas. Anyone who is interested and wants to apply for loan with the Government Housing Bank can now receive consultancy services from Sun Assets and can submit your loan applications with Sun Assets Co., Ltd both in Thailand and overseas.

            Sun Assets Co., Ltd. is a One-Stop real estate related service company specialized in international markets. We assists overseas people in regarding to international financing and other real estate related services across countries for both Thai and foreigners seeking to buy property or invest in any real estate in Thailand. The services we provide are such as:

  • Loan Services

            Our international financing team can give advices to you to learn all your options then you can choose the loan that best fits your needs. Our team will help proceed every process of loan approval for you without having you to come to Thailand. Clients will be informed right away when the loan approval result come out.

  • Property and Real Estate Services

            We assist in finding reliable real estate projects that suite with clients’ needs in terms of prices, location and quality. We also provide fully furnished residences which are professionally managed and taken care by our professional teams of architects and interior designers. Our aim is to eliminate problems and other difficulties for overseas clients who work abroad and cannot conveniently proceed on their own. Our professional team will take care of every step and thoroughly perform an inspection process for each client’ s units before transferring to ensure satisfaction and safety for overseas clients.

  • Legal Services

            We provide complete legal advices. We help proceeding all related legal documents for our clients from the first step of their loan submission until the last step of ownership transferring. The title deed transfer can be done without clients having to come to Thailand. All processes can be done in the countries where our clients live.

  • Financial Transaction Services

            For clients’ convenience and safety, our clients can pay their installments through foreign banks, located in their current countries, which have affiliates worldwide. We are an Authorized Counter Service for the financial institution that grants loans to all of our clients. Clients can easily check their payment records thru our IT system from overseas.

In case that you would like to request for advices or would like to submit your loan application, please click the button below.