International Home Loan …… for Thai People Living Abroad

GH Bank overseas-Thai housing-loan program

On May 7, 2015, GH Bank and Sun Assets International Co Ltd (Sun Assets) announced GH Bank’s overseas-Thai housing loan program. This program provides Thais working overseas with loans to purchase homes in Thailand.
Sun Assets is the Bank’s agent for accessing overseas borrowers, gathering documents, submitting loan applications, and working with borrowers to complete purchase transactions and providing access to loan payment services that will lead to loan approval.  
Loans are for the following:

          - Buying land with buildings or condominiums
          - Constructing buildings or buying land to construct buildings
          - Enlarging and renovating buildings
          - Purchasing land with buildings / condominium
          - Purchasing land with buildings and constructing / enlarging / renovating   buildings
          - Purchasing raw land
          - Repaying loans used for buying land with buildings / buildings or constructing/ enlarging / renovating buildings
          - Buying or constructing rental flats

Bank loan approvals and amounts must comply with current regulations.

Please click the following button “Click” for additional information or for loan request forms.